Yes it’s true, interviewing really is a lot like dating. And if you are the kind of person that dreads those awkward first dates, you may be staying in a lousy job just because the idea of trying something new seems, well, terrible.

Just like with dating, we become rusty at interviewing, especially if we are out of practice. It’s easy to understate the importance of a phone interview, dismissing it as merely the first step in the long job search process. This is a mistake. In my opinion, it is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT step in finding you next job. Take the time to compile a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Write down some answers to typical phone interview questions such as: Why are you looking to make a change; Why are you a good fit for the job opening; What are your best assets; What are you weaknesses… etc.

Don’t have an attitude like this:


If possible, try to schedule the phone interview with at least a day to prepare for the conversation, and try to get the name and title of the person who you will be speaking with. Google the person that you will be speaking with and/or look at their LinkedIn profile. Study up on the company and the job description. Try to be in front of a computer during the conversation and have both the job description and a copy of your resume readily available. During the conversation it is very important that you choose a place with no disturbances or noise. It should be absolutely quiet, and your full attention should be on the interview.



Desperation is not attractive in dating. Likewise, When you are seeking a new job, remember that you are not asking someone to do a favor for you. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the telephone interview. That said, it is important to be “likeable.” Smile. It impacts your attitude. Speak clearly and with sincerity. Listen to the interviewer and don’t interrupt. Don’t just answer with a “yes” or “no,” but also don’t ramble on too much. Let the interviewer control the pace of the conversation. Stay upbeat. Be interested and interesting. Your interviewer wants to feel that you are excited about this particular job. Thank the interviewer for their time. Ask for the job.


Send a thank you note via e-mail about 4-5 hours later. Thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate what you like about the company and why you think you would be a good fit for the position. Like dating, interviewing is a skill. If you are unsure about the position after your interview, and they invite you to come for a personal interview, I recommend that you still take it to the next level. Like with dating, it’s hard to really know about the company until you meet in person. I always remember the words of an old college roommate: “Girls are like buses. There’s always another around the corner.” The same is true of jobs. Put yourself out there, do your best, be yourself, and hang in there.

I Hope you enjoyed learning some of my tips for a phone interview. Are you hiring? are you looking for your next job opportunity?

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