Growing up in small town Iowa had its advantages.  Freezing cold winters with sub-zero temperatures meant that we had lots of time to huddle by the wood stove as a family and nurture our creative (and slightly warped) sense of humor. I have been wanting to share the history of our holiday puns for a while, so I was very excited when an e-mail from my brother popped up in my inbox yesterday with copies of some of our past holiday puns. I hope that you enjoy this glimpse down memory lane with me.


This is one of the early cards. Graphics have come a long way since it’s creation, but the concept is still one of my favorites. This card doesn’t have the date on it, but I would guess it was from around 1990.happychristmas

One of our family traditions is to read The Night Before Christmas every year on, you guessed it, the night before Christmas.  Only we read it with stupid jokes inserted into it… as exemplified above.  A classic, and a definite favorite.



I love this one. Years after we created it I saw a similar concept in a store. Clearly they totally stole it from us <grin>. My father, Dr. James Gordon Meade, is really the genius behind the cards… but he has successfully warped me and my brothers (and my husband, and my children) so that we all think in puns now.



This one never gets old to me. I’ve read it 5 times so far today and I still think it is hysterical. Sorry Dad, I hope nobody steals this one.




You might be thinking, “hey, this is from 2008 and Molly was sending me cards by 2008… I don’t remember seeing this one.” Ok, you probably weren’t thinking that. The point is that there was actually more than one card made in 2008, and I was scared that this one might offend. I thought it was too racy. But it’s funny, so I’m sharing it now.

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for… I proudly present this years annual Holiday pun…


Have a wonderful holiday season!  Cheers!


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